Board of Directors

Director, President/CEO
Donald Benard, BSc(Hons), PEng, MAusIMM(CP Geol, Man), CAPM, has over 25 years of experience in the global mineral resource industry, risk modeling, and operationally at numerous mines including NordGold's Bissa, Ma'aden's Gold mines, Morningstar, CIS's LIDGC, Claude's Seabee, Corona's Jolu, Cogema's Cluff Lake, Cameco's Key Lake, all of PCS's Potash mines, and IMCC’s K2. Recent roles and successes include: Director of Geology (Bissa) where he brought new pits online; Ma'aden (Resource Manager) bringing all mining projects into JORC compliance; Chief Mine Geologist (Morningstar) re-opening their legacy mines; Chief Mine Geologist (Claude) starting Seabee Gold Mine with ~4 years of reserves and transforming it into a 25+ life span. He has many years of project & mine evaluation experience particularly in China, Canada, USA, Mexico, Middle East and Asia Pacific region with expertise in resource industry regulatory and compliance disciplines which includes commodities including Magnetite, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Gold, Phosphate, Bauxite and Industrial minerals of Kaolin and Magnesite. He is also the EVP Geology and Engineering of Key Capital Corporation.

Director, Vice President, COO
Peter Boonen has advised numerous companies and institutions in analytical, risk, strategy and valuation, business development, financings, and turnarounds. He is also a director of Key Capital Corporation.

NOTE: Jean Paul Roy a former director and Chairman was removed as a director for cause by resolution at a Shareholders Meeting. Despite this, Jean Paul Roy has unlawfully assumed control of the Company’s subsidiaries that control operations in India, and asserts control of the Company.